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To whom it may concern

I have over fifteen years experience in the field of graphic design and visual communications including web design/development and user-interface design with many years of formal and informal art training. This experience has prepared me for a job in creative and/or art direction. I attended the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary after high school in 1992 and received my visual communications diploma with a major in graphic design and illustration from Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton in 1996. My professional experience comes from freelance work along with large company work which has afforded me the opportunity to work with many clients in varied settings on many different types of projects.

My experience in the field consists of three years as a junior graphic designer at PPI Financial Group, two years as the senior graphic designer at Spectrum Signal Processing, three years as the graphic and web designer/ developer at Colligo Networks, three years as the visual communications specialist at Maximizer Software, 4 month contract as the GUI designer at BlueCross BlueSheild in Chicago, Illinois and currently I'm employed as a web designer at RR Donnelley. These experiences have provided me with the knowledge base to excel in such mediums as graphic design for print and online marketing, web design & development, html email & campaign design, illustration (mediums include: charcoal, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, felt), advanced photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop, flash animation, conference design planning and user interface design and icon development.

I am a highly motivated individual who has had superb mentorship and gained from every opportunity that I have taken on. In my experience I have learned the importance of ' team' and the value of having a good leader. I have the confidence and experience to lead a team and would also welcome the opportunity to work and learn from those in the field to enhance my knowledge. I believe the blending of my artistic talents, computer knowledge, and positive attitude makes me an important asset to any company looking for creative design and direction.

I am fully qualified to work in the U.S., I meet the requirements for a work authorization under the terms of the free-trade agreement. I have a lawyer assisting me and should you require an outline for the TN work authorization I can have him provide this to you.

I look forward to speaking with you about the opportunities that you have available and my ability to help your team grow and prosper. I can be reached at or 630-849-8442. Please don't hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Kelly Lerbekmo


“Kelly has a strong passion for visual communications and a flair for creative design. She applies her art to creating professional marketing pieces whether brand, collateral, website, email or direct mail. Kelly also has a curiosity and drive for understanding how visual elements play a role in marketing strategy, message, and direct marketing results that helps with collaborating on marketing projects.”

- Angie Hirata
Worldwide Director
Marketing & Business Development
Maximizer Software

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